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Car insurance companies have mastered the art of convincing us to trust them. They spend enormous amounts of money on targeted advertising campaigns, which, no matter where you go, make it impossible for us to escape.

To convince potential customers they’re “the great guys”, they hire celebrities. In most cases they are quite the opposite. They make people pay ridiculous premiums, which you will never use, and so end up giving away thousands without any benefit.

Insurance allows us to live our lives and not worry about financial ruin – that is their compelling argument. We need insurance for our health, car, home, and life.

Be aware of the many tricks used by your car insurance company. You can bet that no matter how understanding your situation may seem, your insurance company will attempt to withhold any money they can from your account.

It is not about you, it’s about the business. Wilshire Law Firm is very concerned about our clients and decided to compile a list of top 10 tricks that car insurance companies use in misleading people.

This list will be handy for your next insurance agent meeting!

1) They claim that your insurance doesn’t cover you for an accident

Insurance companies will do anything to deny you payment. They might claim it is a third-party fault, or they could even try to blame you for manipulating your words.

Talking to your insurance company immediately after an accident is a stressful time.

2) They secretly spy upon their customers

Secret investigators are hired by car insurance companies to track you down. They want to catch you doing something that isn’t allowed by your insurance policy.

It is vital that you communicate honestly with your insurance company, in order to avoid being spied upon.

They make you feel disillusioned to minimize your injuries

An insurance adjuster should not give you any kind of diagnosis or medical advice. Only a doctor can determine the type of treatment and rehabilitation you require.

This can not only negatively impact your long-term financial position, but it can also adversely affect your health. Your most valuable asset is your health!

4) They delay your claim’s resolution

Car insurance companies don’t make money by paying claims. They deliberately ignore you when you file a case. They hope that you will not file a claim and accept a low settlement or worse, die.

Most likely, your adjuster will not be available to give you a status update. They’ll probably call you back. This call is rare and it usually only informs you that your adjuster is not available.

5) They request that you release your medical records

You should not release your medical records to insurance companies after an accident, unless you have consulted an experienced personal injury attorney.

Although they may try to convince that they care about you and can offer advice, they will only be using your medical records to search for loopholes in the claim that will allow them to pay you less than you are entitled to.

6) They pay you money to sign a release

You can feel the pinch of mounting medical bills and lost wages due to your accident injuries. This can cause financial problems that will affect your finances. When you’re at your weakest, car insurance companies will try and take advantage of you.

It is crucial that you don’t give in to their lies and sign a release. This will protect you from any future liability for injuries that may affect your financial stability.

7) They force you to admit fault

There’s nothing worse than admitting guilt at the scene. You should not speak, especially if you are at fault. Even the simplest expressions of regret or sadness can be used to admit guilt.

If you feel threatened by an insurance company, it is important to contact a lawyer.

8) They pretend to be your friends and raise your rates.

This is the most important thing you should remember every time that you talk to your insurance company! Although they may appear friendly and polite, in reality their job is to make as much money as possible and withhold as little as possible from you.

If they try to get you to give more money, they will be fired. They are not working for you. They work for the insurance company and will do anything to make you pay more. We can assure you that they don’t get rewarded for denying coverage to an injured party.

9) They force you to make a statement

Soon after your accident, and when you file your claim, an adjuster calls to inform you that you are legally required to give them your version. This is false.

Do not agree to this, and inform them that your lawyer will be present before any facts can be discussed. You can be sure that your insurer will twist your story to reduce your claim or deny it entirely if you tell them your story.

10) They lie to you and claim that you don’t require a lawyer

The worst nightmare for an adjuster is to face the award-winning Wilshire Law Firm lawyers. Our talented lawyers are feared by car insurance companies large and small. We take cases that would have resulted in small settlements and win huge settlements for our clients, which is what they deserve 100%.

Our legal team will assist you in obtaining a maximum claim from your insurance company. We will also help you to manage expenses and keep them down.

Wilshire Law Firm offers a 30-day no-fee guarantee to all new clients. If you’re not completely satisfied with our efforts within 30 days, you have the right to walk away. If you retain our services, and your case is not won, you don’t owe us anything. You don’t have to pay if you don’t win.

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