Evenflo FlexLite Travel System

You want the best price, the Evenflo FlexLite travel system – Santa Fe. There is no way! This is a trustworthy site and a great place to buy. Let’s buy the Best Price Evenflo FlexLite travel system – Santa Fe now and get our best service!

Santa Fe – Best Price Evenflo FlexLite travel system – Santa Fe. We have a three week old. I haven’t used the stroller yet but feel that my son is safe in the car seat. It can also support up to 35lbs. However, it is much wider than other car seats. This has only been an issue at restaurants. It is too large to fit in a booth. Sometimes, the restaurant will offer a booster seat with an upside-down seat. This car seat won’t fit properly on it. This is really a minor issue and overall, I’m very satisfied with the travel system.

Santa Fe Benefit – Best Price Evenflo FlexLite – Santa Fe Ideal for little boys and girls! It is easy to assemble and folds flat. It is comfortable and well-designed.

The combo stroller/car seat is a great value, and has a modern design. The stroller was just delivered so it hasn’t been used yet. However, the car seat worked well!

Evenflo FlexLite Travel System Santa Fe Sunset

Description of Products

Evenflo FlexLite Travel System Santa Fe Sunset Compare prices The Evenflo FlexLite LX travel device is extremely portable and easy to fold. To fold it into a compact, stand-up position, you only need one hand. The stroller is lightweight and durable. It features a removable tray with multi-position reclining seats, large storage baskets, and front swivel tires.

The stroller comes with a base and infant car seat. This allows for easy transitions from car or stroller. The Santa Fe Sunset style has a Southwestern feel thanks to its chevron accent panels, mocha, yellow, and white color palette. Evenflo FlexLite Stroller features: Peekaboo window, 1 built-in cup holder for parent, 2 built-in cups holders for baby, handle for carrying when folded, safety harness, reclining seat, canopy, front swing wheels, car seat attaches rear facing, front swivel wheels, Car Seat base, Stroller Safety & Security Features: Locking Wheels. LATCH Equipped Car Seat. JPMA Certified Care and cleaning: Use soap and water to clean Specifications: Car Seat Weight Supported 4.0 Lb. Maximum. Maximum Car Seat Weight Capacity: 35.0 lbs. Min. Stroller Weight Supported: 4.0 Lb. Maximum. Stroller Weight Capacity: 50.0 Lb. Manufacturer’s suggested age: Newborn and up Material: Metal, plastic Dimensions: 42.5″ H x 36.25″ W x 24.25″ D Collapsed Dimensions Dimensions: 30.75″ H x 24.5 x 14.0 ” D Weigh: 19.21 Lb. Assembly details: no tools required

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  • Color Brown, Gold
  • Brand Evenflo

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