Ten Surprising Factors That Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance

Ten Surprising Factors That Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance

There is an estimated one million drivers without insurance on Britain’s roads and this is partially to blame for the escalating costs of motor insurance. Some people believe that drivers without insurance should face punishment. Did you realize there are many other ways to drive without insurance? There are many reasons that mean that, when you need to pay the car insurance you have will not pay. Here are 10 ways you can cancel your insurance on your motor vehicle.

1. You’ve recently upgraded your vehicle

Your insurance policy for your car may be invalid if do not notify your insurer regarding your upgrade to your vehicle. This is not limited to only the obvious things, for example, increasing your car’s engine size. It could also apply to things like fitting alloy wheels.

2. You can let your dog play in the car

Allowing your dog to play in your car can cause distractions. Your insurance company may not pay you any money in the event that your dog causes an accident.

3. Arrears on your Instalment Plan

It is essential to make sure that your car insurance instalments are up-to-date. If you miss a payment the insurance coverage will be cancelled.

4. Your MOT must not be expired

It is possible to be denied insurance if fail to bring your vehicle to the MOT. Insurance companies view the absence of a valid MOT being an indication that the vehicle is not roadworthy and thus violates the rules of your policy on motor vehicles.

5. Using your car for business

It is important to read the fine print of some policies as to what constitutes business use and what’s not. On some motor polices the insurance policy will not allow you to use your car to a single business meeting. Some insurance policies don’t even cover you for your daily commute.

6. You can leave your keys in the car

Are you among the individuals who have their keys in the ignition of your vehicle at times? If you leave your vehicle unattended with the keys inside for only one minute, you’ll be not insured. It is possible to take your keys with you in case you need to get back inside because you forgot something.

7. Car sharing

The insurance company won’t take it as a sign that you operate a taxi service in the event that you permit your guests to use your vehicle as a business vehicle. If you begin to earn any money at all from car sharing you could be invalidating your motor insurance.

8. Don’t follow road signs.

If you don’t pay attention to road signs that tell you a road is closed, or isn’t suitable for motor vehicles, then take note of the warnings. Even if the road looks okay to you, if you are involved in an accident, you won’t be covered by insurance even if there was a warning that told that you shouldn’t go there.

9. Starting a new job

Be aware if you are granted an increase at work or switch jobs. Your insurance premiums may be affected by the title you hold for your new job. Different occupations have different risks. The insurance company must be notified if you are changing your job. They might not pay you when you need them to.

10. Not disclosing the driver’s history of a named driver

If you add a named driver to your car insurance policy, then you must disclose details of any accidents that they’ve been involved in in the past. It is possible to be denied insurance when you don’t disclose the past background of a named driver.

These causes can lead to the insurance on your car to be invalidated

  • “I’m not certain about certain details I need to provide Does it matter even if it’s not exact?”
  • The quick answer is yes, it is definitely important. Making a mistake on the insurance policy could result in your policy being cancelled or worse, made invalid.
  • If you receive a quote before you know all the specifics, it’s okay, but make sure all information is correct before you set up and purchase the insurance policy.
  • “I’ve told my car that it will be parked at my mum’s address in the evening, but it’s normally outside my house, is that ok?”
  • Insurance won’t be affected if you visit family or friends in another city during the duration of the night. However, if you park your car in one place and then leave it there, it’ll be.
  • Consider the location where you’ll park your car for the majority of your time. Make sure you stick to the spot.

Can I make use of a broker’s services to assist me?

We are able to provide you with quotes on elephants, or via websites that compare. If a broker states they have a quote by us, you should walk away immediately. We do not work with brokers. We’ll take the policy off when you allow them to set it up. Your policy may be loaded with mistakes if you provide them an estimate.

My friend can drive my car?

If your friend isn’t an authorized driver under your policy they shouldn’t be driving your car. They aren’t required to drive your vehicle if they have the extension to drive other cars. We will only pay the third party for damages not for the incident.

What should I do if my vehicle needs repair?

You should immediately take charge of your vehicle if it needs repairs or maintenance. You could lose your claim if you drive a vehicle that is not roadworthy or are involved in an accident.

Similarly, you should always drive your care carefully Be aware of speed limits and never be reckless when driving.

Do I have to notify you if there are any changes?

You will need to notify us of any changes to your insurance schedule to allow us to rectify your information. This could mean changing the classification of your vehicle or increasing your annual mileage.

Do I need to notify you that I’m involved in an accident with minor injuries?

Even if the incident isn’t serious, it is imperative to notify us. Elephant’s policy booklets state that if the policyholder, or any other driver named on the policy, is injured in an accident, or suffers any loss, no matter how trivial, and even if you don’t wish you have a claim to make we must be informed immediately.

I’m not sure how many miles a year I drive. Would that be an issue?

You’ll have to disclose an average annual mileage in order to receive a quote, so take the time to work out how much you drive each week prior to your trip.

Falsely declaring low mileage can cause the increase of your premium as well as lower claimability and even invalidation of your insurance.

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