Hyo Silver: Jewelry Cleaning & Caring

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Your Hyo Silver piece will keep its beauty and luster for many generations if you take care of it properly. How to care for and clean your jewelry piece.

Hyo Silver General Care

Protect jewelry from damage to hard and abrasive surfaces. To ensure that settings, clasps, or joinings are secure, it is important to inspect jewelry regularly. Silver that is worn frequently requires less maintenance.

Hyo Silver suggests wearing jewelry thecoli every day and removing jewelry when you are engaged in water-related or laborious activities. Jewels with black background, oxidized patterns, or gemstones can be damaged by household chemicals, cosmetics, extreme temperature, ultrasonic cleaning, and household chemicals.

Hyo Silver Cleaning at Home

We recommend the Hyo Silver Jewelry Cleaner Kit for jewelry cleaning. All Hyo Silver products are safe to use. Unapproved products should not be used on Hyo Silver Jewelry. It may cause damage to the item and invalidate the evenflo flexlite travel system warranty.

  • Hyo Silver Gentle Cleaner – Cleanse jewelry
  • Polish your jewelry with the Polishing Cloth
  • Silver is more wearable if it’s less cleaned

Free Professional Cleaning

Send your items in for professional cleaning if they are in dire need. All products qualify for complimentary professional cleaning. You will only need to pay shipping if applicable. Use the Service Request Form to send your items.

Tarnishing and Skin Discoloration

Tarnishing is a natural silver process. Tarnishing, along with other chemical reactions, such as metallic abrasion or corrosion, may cause skin discoloration following contact with silver. These can be attributable to the following: salt, salt-air, cosmetics lotions, hand sanitizers, Sulphur compounds, PH imbalance, body chemistry, and many other household chemicals. Avoid chemicals and wear silver jewelry every day. Follow the care and cleaning tips provided with the Gentle Cleaner/Polishing Cloth.


Offers jewelry repair services at no charge when the item is covered by a 1 year warranty or at a reasonable rate. You can send your items along with the Service Request Form. Please list any repair services or concerns. After receipt, your items will be inspected and a service representative will contact you with the pricing details for repairs.

Rhodium Plated Jewelry

Hyo Silver has a range of jewelry that is Rhodium-Plated. This is a precious metal treatment that adds brilliance to sterling silver and gives it a cool reflective tone. Our Jewelry Cleaner & Polishing Cloth will keep your rhodium-plated items looking great. The average lifespan of rhodium plating is between 1-2 years. This can vary depending on how often you use it and what chemicals you use (hand sanitizers, chlorine water etc.). When you submit your item with the Service Request Form, a reasonable fee will be charged for re-plating.