Julie Yaeger: (Paul Rudd’s Wife) Wiki, Age, Biography


Julie Yaeger Rudd Complete Bio & Career

Julie is an actress, producer and screenwriter for Hollywood movies. She is a Jew, and she practices Judaism. Fred Julie Yaeger, her father, is a publicist. She attended Whitesboro High School, New York. She graduated in science. She completed her studies in communication.

As an intern, she started her career. After starting her career as an intern at Bella’s Event Planning, she moved to McDougall Communications. As a digital media coordinator, she switches to Good Way Group. She worked as a publicist until 1995. She worked in movies such as “Mr. Jealousy” and Men In Black were also her roles.

She wrote the comedy film “Fun Mom Dinner”, which was released in 2017. Even made a cameo appearance on the film. She is also part of the television series and show production team. In 2005, she was an executive producer on a documentary series called “The Suite with Dave Karger”.

Paul Rudd was her husband on 23 February 2003. The couple has a daughter named Darby Rudd, and a son named Jack Sullivan Rudd.

Surprises/Intriguing Facts & Secrets about Julie Yaeger Rudd

  • Julie Rudd is well-known for being Paul Rudd’s wife, and being Ant-man due to his superhero character.
  • She spends her time doing charitable work, which is also linked to several charities.
  • She assists her husband with his charity work, which includes his work for the ‘Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY).
  • Her two children Jack Sullivan Rudd, and Darby rudd are her kids. She loves spending time with them.
  • She has appeared in over 30 movies and 25 TV series.

Julie Yaeger Rudd, 53, will be 54 years old on August 13, 2022. Her next birthday is in 7 months, 11hrs,13 minutes.

Husband/Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd and Julie are married. They met in New York in 1995 while Rudd was promoting his movie “Clueless”. They were married in 2003. Together they have two children, Darby Rudd (daughter) and Jack Sullivan Rudd (son). Three years after they were married, their first child was born. In 2010, Yaeger gave birth their second child, a daughter. They live in Greenwich Village in New York City. A house is also available in the New York Country.

Rudd and Yaeger were also seen together at the Hollywood Walk of Fame 2015, where Rudd was awarded a star. This made Rudd the 2,554th star of Hollywood Boulevard. Apart from being seen at events together, the couple has only collaborated on “Fun Mom Dinner”, a film project in which Julie was a producer and her husband wrote the screenplay. Her husband was the executive director. The film was also premiered at Sundance Film Festival.