Liverpool Shopping Park is located near areas of historical significance in Liverpool, and around the globe.

Liverpool Shopping Park is located on land that was once the home of Meccano and Hornby Railway between 1914 and 1979. Although the Liverpool factory was closed in 1979 Meccano is still produced today. A Meccano Liver Bird statue, 30ft tall, is proudly displayed in the middle of the park to commemorate the connection between the land of Liverpool and one of the most famous children’s toys brands.

Liverpool Shopping Park’s location is close to the railway line that opened in 1830 between Liverpool, Manchester and the first steam passenger service. It proved that rail transport was viable and could be used for large-scale railway construction, and marked the beginning of the Railway Age.

The site now houses Liverpool Shopping Park, which will be the UK’s largest retail and leisure complex, with more than 700,000.

Liverpool Shopping Park

Liverpool Shopping Park will be undergoing a complete redevelopment. This includes a dated, 1980s-out-of-centre leisure and retail park that occupies 3/4 mile frontage on Edge Lane. Edge Lane is Liverpool’s eastern entrance corridor from the M62.

It covers 727,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial and leisure development. There are 41 retail units, and parking for 1,500 vehicles. This is designed to attract fashion retailers, restaurants, and leisure operators.

Liverpool Shopping Park will bring new life to this important gateway to the city. It will complement other major regeneration projects nearby, including new housing and film and TV studios at Littlewoods Building, and the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Liverpool City Council planners approved plans to expand Liverpool Shopping Park, which is expected to create as many as 885 jobs.

The Derwent Group will invest an additional PS30 million in Liverpool Shopping Park, Edge Lane. This second phase will provide more than 145,000sq feet of retail and leisure space.

The scheme will include a 60,000 sq ft anchor retail shop and 16 additional smaller retail units. There will also be a leisure block that includes a six-screen cinema and a new ten pin bowling alley. Five restaurant units are included.

The new phase will increase Liverpool Shopping Park’s retail offering to more than 300,000sq ft. It will also add new high-street brands to the park such as Next, M&S Food Hall and River Island.

Nigel Machin, director of development at The Derwent Group, stated that “Planning approval represents a huge step forward in the evolution Liverpool Shopping Park” and was a testament to the park’s success so far and the confidence the city has for its future.”

“It’s bold and designed to address the changing needs of both shoppers and operators in the face of the rapidly changing retail market.

“We are positive that this phase will strengthen the existing LSP offering and be welcomed by local communities too.

“The additions of a large anchor store and several smaller units will increase our growing reputation as destination shopping parks and provide a wider range for retailers.”

Liverpool Shopping Park is now closer to becoming the UK’s largest shopping center once it has been approved for planning.

The construction work will begin in the summer, and phase 2 is expected to be open to the public by autumn 2020.

Dreams signs major leases in Manchester’s , and White City Retail Park, Manchester

The national firm signed a ten-year lease at Liverpool Shopping Park, and also agreed to move to a larger unit in White City Retail Park in Manchester.

According to the company, it will be occupying a unit of 10,021 square feet in Liverpool Shopping Park’s Lifestyle section. This area is currently home to B&Q and faces onto Edge Lane.

Dreams, White City Retail Park has renewed its lease for another ten years. It will be moving from its corner location to a larger unit that covers almost 2,000 square feet.

James Maule-Finch is the senior asset manager at The Derwent Group. He said that this was “excellent news for both retail park as it builds upon our relationship with Dreams” and reiterates that retailers are still open to committing to high footfall locations, and opening new sites, even in difficult markets.

White City Retail Park also has Currys PC World and Halfords, Wren, and Furniture Village. CSP represented The Derwent Group in White City and CSP and McMullen RE for Liverpool Shopping Park.

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